Whatever happens along the way,
Here with you I continue to stay,
In dark hours nights are long,
Together we both remain strong.

Heart full reasons we fell in love,
Were meant to be says god above,
Sheets of paper cant express our feelings,
Words wont compare to whats reveling.

Stars sparkle in her eyes,
I Love you she says as she happily cries,
Soft touch from her quiet lips,
She fills me with a constant bliss.

Smiling for sheer delight,
This beautiful girl is my guiding light,
I miss her when she isnt around,
She wants me to hold her up off the ground.

As once we dance in moonbeams,
Walk down the path of sympathetic streams,
I wrap my arms around her hold her close,
She is all I ever wanted I cherish her most.

© Care S.


my light through darkness


I want you to come fly with me,

Please come love lets be set free,

It will always be you and me,

Open hearts sail the waves,

In the end we won’t cave,

This is true I love you tabbie cat,

Right here next to me you sat,

Showed me honesty in your heart,

From the beggining something was to start,

Will hold each other through the darkness,

Come out strong in to the beautiful light,

I care so much sweet heart,

You just have  to know that I won’t let you go,

Each morning I want to see you laying in my arms,

I won’t  let anything cause you harm,

There will only be passion and charm,

Laughter in the hall ways,

A smile on your pretty face,

Happiness in your heart,

Beauty in your eyes,

I promise I won’t make you cry,

Never tell you a single lie,

If I could I would die so you could live,

You are mi light through darkness.

© Care S.

She Completes Me


Everyday I’m more thankful then ever that I have Autumn. She saved me when I wasn’t even looking to be saved. She sent a lightening bolt through my heart that awoke my soul and everything that I thought had died inside me, soul, heart, feelings, my life. Now I know I can get through this life with her by my side. Even in my darkest moments she’s there helping me out of the shadows that dare take me in.

  Even when the sun is shinning nothing compares to the feel of her touch. Her warm hand caresses my cheek. I smile because I can’t help not to 🙂 She awakens something inside me that burns so DEEP for her. It’s a blazing spark that cannot be put out or doused. I plan to spend the rest of my life as long as I live letting her know, showing her, expressing to her just how amazing she is to me. There isn’t another one like her. She’s really one of a kind and I’m glad that I have her because I cannot live with this woman.

It’s almost impossible to put into words. I’m no longer afraid to be hurt by the one who loves me because she loves me SO much more than I could ever ask for.



..Adoring Autumn..

hear wonders

..Well I’m not sure where to start. So.. I’ll start by saying that after having a small tiff with Autumn lastnight and than hours later (5:30am) I couldn’t go back to sleep, after having went to the bathroom. So I txted her how sorry I was for the way I acted, how I made her feel, how I didn’t mean what I said that I was just upset bcause of the trouble we’ve been having in a  certain department, one of which I won’t say. It makes me sad that it dosn’t happen as much anymore like it used to when we first started dating.    We’re going on 2yrs next April. It’s excting!! I love her so much! I don’t think i’ve ever loved someone this much in my whole life. She really is my soulmate for life. She’s funny, sweet, kind caring. Her laugh is just awesome! It makes me smile that I can make her laugh. Just listeing to her talk is calming especially when I’m half asleep. 🙂 We’re alright now though now that we’ve talked things through. We promised to always talk things out (and honestly it does work for us) I’ve never been one to express or open up that much ( trust issues) With Autumn tho I feel safe and I trust her with all my heart and soul!  My Gorgeous..

I Love U Autty Bear!!