Cries For Help


1:56 Am

I mumble…

Can’t stop thinking,

Lower I’m sinking,

Farther I’m falling,

Slowly mi soul is dying,

I’m repeatedly crying.

She has…

Another bad night,

Thoughts racing through,

Urges pull

Wants to cut,

knows she can’t.

I’m thinking…

Tired of tears,

Want happiness,

Need love,

Feels loneliness.

She’s writing…

Not making sense,

Not that it matters,

Writing mi feelings,

Or mi heart might shatter.

I wish…

Want to be held,

Need strong arms,

I want to cry all night,

Takes away mi scars.

She says…

Save me from death,

Protect me from pain,

Give me strength,

Love me in the rain.

I whisper…

Let me scream out loud,

I want everyone to hear it,

Break me of these chains,

Please someone let me free.

© Care Strom