My Gorgeous Angel



In This

Whole World!!!

My baby boo!!!!!!!


She Completes Me


Everyday I’m more thankful then ever that I have Autumn. She saved me when I wasn’t even looking to be saved. She sent a lightening bolt through my heart that awoke my soul and everything that I thought had died inside me, soul, heart, feelings, my life. Now I know I can get through this life with her by my side. Even in my darkest moments she’s there helping me out of the shadows that dare take me in.

  Even when the sun is shinning nothing compares to the feel of her touch. Her warm hand caresses my cheek. I smile because I can’t help not to 🙂 She awakens something inside me that burns so DEEP for her. It’s a blazing spark that cannot be put out or doused. I plan to spend the rest of my life as long as I live letting her know, showing her, expressing to her just how amazing she is to me. There isn’t another one like her. She’s really one of a kind and I’m glad that I have her because I cannot live with this woman.

It’s almost impossible to put into words. I’m no longer afraid to be hurt by the one who loves me because she loves me SO much more than I could ever ask for.