Well I figured it was about time that I updated about the apartment news. A lot has happened over the last few months. Well my Autty has been holding down the fort for me since  Oct 25th, 2012. Slowly but surely she and I (via email pics) are making it a home. It’s taking a little longer because my honey is working 2 job’s. Well one now sort of kind of because her first job is playing games with her 😦 I’ll save that for another day to talk about. Anyways recently  we just got our lease for another 6 months renewed. And Cautty our kitty just got spade the surgery went very well!! She looks really funny shaved though on her tummy! We’re glad that is done and over with so we wont have to worry about her getting knocked up.

We’re are getting a  entertainment center a used one for from our neighbor whose friends are giving it away. Saving up for one we want that is really awesome!! We love it it’s going to take some time getting it though. I’ll post pic’s up as a write this post. Oh! and we did get a table and chairs a few months ago very nice set. When I find the pic for it I’ll post it. The next thing we have to do is figure out our road trip plans as to when to come get me then things will finally be on the way to good. Anyways I’m going to post these pics and turn in its late and I’m tired. Good Night All!!! 


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Happy and Sad day..

Autum signed the lease for our apartment lastnight!! Yup 🙂 She’s moving in tomorrow after work. We’re pretty excited about it looking forward to having a place to make our own hehe!  I still can’t beleive we have  a place whoohoo!! *HAPPY DANCE AROUND THE ROOM A FEW TIMES*  On a sad note our cat smokey who fought with whatever he had had finally past away this morning!! 😦  He was a really great cat and he’ll be missed dearly! RIP Smokey!!! LOVE U SMOKEY!!!!

Aprtmnt update!

Hi!!!!!!!!! Well we had GREAT EXCITING NEWS TODAY!!!! We should now know for SURE by Tuesday  if and when we can finally move it hopefully! We’re really really really excited now hehe 🙂 We cannot wait we’ve been wanting this forever now. 🙂 🙂 I’ll keep everyone up to date on this as I get news.

Fingers Crossed…

So.. I just found out that the apartment Autumn and I are waiting for, we should know something by the end of this week hopefully. Please everyone keep ur finger’s crossed for us that we will “finally” have our apartment. We’re really really looking forward to this because we’ve been waiting forever to have a  place to call home.