I wrote this lastnight after my Autumn gave me 3 words. To this day the 3 word thingy really helps when ya wanna write a poem. Anyways tell me what u think of it. I wrote it for Autumn 🙂


Her brown beautiful eyes,
… Sparkle..
With love,
With passion,
With excitment,
When she giggles,
When her smile from her lips,
Reaches up to her eyes.. gorgeous!

As we lay beneath the moon,
I take her hand.. soft warm perfect!
My heart’s filled with so much love for her,
Its run outta room.
I love to just listen to her voice,
My favorite subject of her by choice.

For every star that shines in the sky,
Is every wish she’s made come true,
I couldn’t of asked for a better dream,
One thats so real,
One thats perfect,
One thats my sweet bouncy love.


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