Cries For Help


1:56 Am

I mumble…

Can’t stop thinking,

Lower I’m sinking,

Farther I’m falling,

Slowly mi soul is dying,

I’m repeatedly crying.

She has…

Another bad night,

Thoughts racing through,

Urges pull

Wants to cut,

knows she can’t.

I’m thinking…

Tired of tears,

Want happiness,

Need love,

Feels loneliness.

She’s writing…

Not making sense,

Not that it matters,

Writing mi feelings,

Or mi heart might shatter.

I wish…

Want to be held,

Need strong arms,

I want to cry all night,

Takes away mi scars.

She says…

Save me from death,

Protect me from pain,

Give me strength,

Love me in the rain.

I whisper…

Let me scream out loud,

I want everyone to hear it,

Break me of these chains,

Please someone let me free.

© Care Strom


Burning Love

I seen the orange yellow flame,
Glowed hot warm and beautiful,
I knew if i touched it I’d get burned,
Id be the one to blame,
Never knew fire could be musical,
SIlly girl I’ll never learn,
I knew it could lick its way up my legs,
Leave scars in its wake,
Except I lose control my body begs,
Soon the flames take over me,
They bring desire, heat and pleasure,
Everything all rolled together.


I wrote this lastnight after my Autumn gave me 3 words. To this day the 3 word thingy really helps when ya wanna write a poem. Anyways tell me what u think of it. I wrote it for Autumn 🙂


Her brown beautiful eyes,
… Sparkle..
With love,
With passion,
With excitment,
When she giggles,
When her smile from her lips,
Reaches up to her eyes.. gorgeous!

As we lay beneath the moon,
I take her hand.. soft warm perfect!
My heart’s filled with so much love for her,
Its run outta room.
I love to just listen to her voice,
My favorite subject of her by choice.

For every star that shines in the sky,
Is every wish she’s made come true,
I couldn’t of asked for a better dream,
One thats so real,
One thats perfect,
One thats my sweet bouncy love.