Made up, Work troubles, January come soon!!!

…. So after almost ending things with Auumn on Halloween over a stupid arguement. We talked things over (via txt) because that’s what we do first before we deicde what to do afterwards. Things are good now we’re back to the way things were. And I’ll admit the make up sex was pretty damn nice hehe ;).

Ssshhhh… don’t tell Autumn I said that.

My hunny was really upset lastnight so I  tod her to tell me what was wrong.  Frist they  changed her hours on her again so she is working 7:30 till 1 or 4. She isn’t happy about that.  She’s having a little trouble at work though the kids are treating the teachers like shit!!! Pushing them, hitting them shoving them, running into them and almost pushing her to the ground and knocking her into things. That I don’t like one bit. I told Autumn that, that isn’t right that she should say something to these ppl and she told me all they care about is money!! I’m just shocked and so angery with how they are treating them and her. She shouldn’t have to take that kinda abuse. I just don’t know what to do with that or what to tell her anymore.

Also her friend Carla (aka drama carla) is being kinda a pain in the ass. Treating her like crap too!! Ugh!! We were kinda right in the starting of doing something (blushes red) and Carla wouldn’t stop txting her and neither of us was very happy becuz well we wanted each other and Carla wanted to be a pain at the moment. But Autty got rid of her so we finally got to be with each other. I wish January would come fast ya know? Gosh I just wanna be already to lay in her arms in our bed, to watch her sleep hear her laugh!! Ik times are tough I really believe her and I deserve this though we’ve waited so long for the right person to come along. Now that we’re a couple we should get to have our turn. All of our other friends have someone they are with, happy and kids. So we should get that too!! Damn it!!

My halloween was alright. Nothing exciting just sat at home watching movies which was good with me. Yup Yup. Not much of  a dress up kinda girl. But if i see something I like i’ll probably put it on. Next year I might just have to go into a store and try on costums just for the plan hell of it. Could be fun!! Maybe I’ll bring Autty with me 🙂 😉 Twice the fun then.  Idk what I’m gonna do today I know I should get outside and get the blow up turkey up I mean how hard can it be right?  This weekend is deer hunting. No, I’m not going I haven’t gone in year’s. I do know that I’m gonna move alot of my boxed stuff outta my room and into the grain bin because they are taking up too much room and I need to get them out so I can get ready for the night that I leave.

Thats another subjet I’m still dealing with. I’d just rather not get into it now becuz I’d better go I gotta give our dog zoe  a bath. Ughh dad keeps letting her in the damn house i told him to leave her OUT!!!


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