Figured then that I might as well work on my pastic canvas since I was awake anyways. So I worked on it for awhile I kept messing up so I decied to just finally go to sleep. Then I  kept getting woking up by Gomer who wouldn’t leave my hair alone! He likes to clean my head but my hairs so long that he can’ t lick it very much and he won’t stop so I moved him to the other side of the pillow hoping he would lay down and he did finally!! Then I finally went to sleep.


One comment on “Sleepless

  1. hahaha our cautty does that to me soon she’ll be doing that to both of her mommies 🙂 hehehe I’ve never had one of my kittens do that so that’s new to me lol. But all of my kittens have given me kisses 🙂

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