*Wrote this for my friend Stephanie.*


Another bruise to hide,

Another painful blow,

Said she loved me she lied,                     

I can’t leave her love her so.                    

Glasses hide my swollen eye,                    

I cry when she’s not   here,                      

  If friends ask i say its i sty,

I shed a single drop of fear.            

She apologizes same as b4,                    

  Has a reason to hate,

And knocks me around,                          

Dont believe her anymore,                     

  In a mind numbing stage,   cannot speak a word,

Lay in a ball blood on her floor.                

Cant walk out the door,                           

My heart pounds in a frantic state,           

Will she beat me into the ground?            

With her wild red rage,                           

Dont know why her anger stirred,            

Or what she has in store.                        

Pretend everything’s okay,                        

Feeling ashamed, broken, regret,             

 Gave up on god i use to pray,                   

Till morning im her puppet.


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