♥I Live to Love You ♥

More than words can say,

I live to love you more each day,

You have giving me a reason to wake up each day,

Every night I say a little prayer,

Because forever I know you’ll care.


Holding your hand,

Unable to let go,

How come time seems to slow?

Is it because you’re brown eyes,

Sweep me off my weak feet?

Placing a kiss on each dimple,

So sweet,

Pulls you close you’re body strong,

I can’t wait for the moment when,

Were making love,

Opening up our bodies, heart’s and soul’s

God how I love this man he is mi angel.

I want to grow old with you,

Sit next to you in the rocking chair,

Count my blessings with my heart,

See the sunrise paint the sky,

I live to love you more each day.


2 comments on “♥I Live to Love You ♥

  1. This one’s a beautiful one, Care!
    It reminds me of two people growing old together. At first young and falling in love, living their lives together, until they are sweetly nestled next to each other later in life watching the sunset..

  2. a wonderful love poem but i would try to put in my knees get weak some where but thats just me great job and maybe change the pink color kinda hard to read keep writing

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